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Resco Explorer for Palm OS 2.70

Resco Explorer for Palm OS 2.70

Resco Explorer for Palm OS Publisher's Description

File manager, zipper, viewer, launcher and backup

Resco Explorer is an enhanced file manager similar to the familiar Windows Explorer. It combines the tools usually scattered over several applications.


You can choose classic Palm launcher look&feel, typical Windows Explorer style or something in-between.
You can setup vertical/horizontal layout, fonts, columns etc.
Add the one-handed control and the support of all common devices and resolutions.

File Manager

Explorer provides a comfortable way for the file operations such as copy, move, delete, rename, beam, etc. It offers many enhanced features such as drag&drop, copy&paste, multi-selection, RAM/card conversions, powerful sorting, searching and filtering, various viewers and editors.


Document support
Direct interfaces are provided for most popular viewers, music players and doc readers and for applications supporting standard beam protocol.
All these documents can be opened by a simple tap.
Documents can be organized for easy access into virtual folders.

Explorer can be used as classic Palm launcher, with applications categories and document folders put on the same level.
Explorer can launch applications stored in RAM, on the card or even in the zip archives.


Zipper is transparently integrated into the Explorer. You can perceive a zip archive as another folder and manipulate its contents, view compressed images, launch compressed applications etc.
Zipper offers also password-based encryption.

Image Viewer

A simple fast built-in viewer providing full-screen image preview.
Displays jpg/bmp/gif images and images produced by Clie and Zire cameras.
Enables direct image preview from the zip archives.


Advanced multi-user, multi-backup solution with incremental backup, encryption, sorting and filtering and with open backup format.
Backup set verification provides unique possibility for the backup testing without performing actual restore.
ARM handhelds: Fast compression delivers results in a similar time as the other packages without the compression.

Control panel

Association editor (media manager) defines

  • Which desktop files can be hotsynced to which card folder.
  • File types that can be received via IR, BT etc.
  • Application that will be launched when you tap specific file type

Preferences browser offers tree-like presentation of the preferences and limited editing.

Other handy tools include the alarms editor and various information panels, incl. the list of notifications..

And more...
  • Associations manager can repair associations (crash prevention) and prevents unwanted changes. (Another frequent Palm problem.)
  • Txt files offer the easiest way how to share the information with the non-Palm world. Text files can be edited, beamed, hotsynced.
    HiRes devices can make use of the small font increasing thus the amount of the displayed information.
  • Applications tree allows for an easy assessment of the applications and their resources.
  • Network connectivity via WiFiGenie from
  • etc.
Supported devices
  • Operating system: Palm OS 4.0 and higher
  • Resolutions: 160x160, 320x320, 320x480 portrait/landscape (DIA supported)
  • Navigation: All currently used systems supported (Jog Dial, 5way...)
  • NVFS devices (T5, T650, E2) receive special support: NVFS-related information and extra measures to increase the stability
News v2.70  NEW! 
  • Interface to PalmPDF v1.1
  • New documents category - eBooks
  • Better support for card applications
  • New control panel - Notifications
  • List of protected DBs (RAM / Special Filter)
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
  • Virtual document folders holding links to files/databases
  • An alternative view consisting of icons
  • Interfaces to RepliGo, MobiOffice and other applications
  • Better launcher interface
  • Improvements in many other fields such as associations, better support for non-English languages
  • Null DB records were ignored in the past; they are now preserved (copied, backed up, restored)
  • Support for DB names containing '/' and other special chars.
  • T650 browsing: Shift+Up/Down is interpreted as PgUp/Dn.
  • Copy To dialog offers copy/move choice.
  • Solved RAM/ROM conflicts in case of DBs with equal names.

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